Learn to Speak Basic English Program

a program designed for beginners. This is intended for those who simply want to learn basic conversational English that will be used for daily life. This course is designed for those who simply want to be able to converse in simple English sentences.

Learn to Speak and Write Program

a program designed for the those who intend to learn English on a higher level. This course is designed to allow you not just to speak English in daily conversation, but to be able to write more complex sentences as well.

Learn to Speak and Write Academic English Program

This is especially designed for those who intend to take an English Language Proficiency Test. You can expect that these programs to be more intensive than the rest, in such a way that the classes are more formal, and the structure is intended for more academic purposes.


Grace Otsunaga


She is a woman who firmly standsby one principle – teaching any language is not just about learning words; it’s also about learning a whole way of life, a whole way of seeing and living things. With this, Grace strives to be that kind of English teacher – someone who does not just impart vocabulary and grammar rules, but ultimately a way to see the world armed with the English that she teaches.